LOLER Inspections for LOLER compliance

MAND PLS provide LOLER inspections for commercial and domestic purposes

If your a lift owner such as a council or housing association, having regular LOLER inspections on your lift can not only ensure lift users are safe but it can also protect you against financial loss in any litigation process, as it will show you made a conscience effort to ensure your lift was compliant with LOLER. MAND PLS provide lift inspections for commercial and domestic purposes to ensure clients lift’s comply with Lift Operations and lifting equipment regulations.

What is LOLER?

LOLER is the acronym for lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations and defines how we safety use, operate and maintain domestic and commercial lifts in the UK.

What is a LOLER inspection?

A LOLER inspection is a lift inspection that checks if your lift is compliant with LOLER, a LOLER report will be produced for each lift and given to the lift owner to make any necessary adjustments required to ensure the safety of lift users and compliance with LOLER.

Why do we need LOLER inspections?

LOLER inspections are required to ensure the safe use of lifts and to minimize the risk of injury when using the lifts, LOLER inspections are also essential to ensure the mechanism of the lift is working correctly and not damaging other parts of the lift that could cause the lift to become unsafe.

What can happen if my lift doesn’t have a LOLER inspection?

If your lift doesn’t have a LOLER inspection this could have detrimental effects on the lift owner and also make using the lift dangerous for lift users. If a lift user is injured using a lift that doesn’t comply with LOLER regulations then the lift owner may be liable for prosecution.

What are my responsibilities as a lift owner?

Your responsibilities is to ensure regular maintenance and checks on your lift and the lifting equipment to ensure the safety of lift users and compliance with LOLER.

Other regulations

Other regulations and insurances will be covered in more blogs.

Expert Witness Reports

In the event of death or injury when using a lift, an expert witness report is often requested to investigate any steps the lift owner could have take to prevent the injury or death that had occurred and if the lift owner has knowingly neglected their responsibilities.

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