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MAND Pls provide professional lift expert witness reports for clients around the UK,. Expert witness reports can be used in a court of law to help settle any legal disputes in relation to the lift operations system your business uses.

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About our expert witness reports

An Expert Witness report may be required to help settle a claim or dispute. We provide expert witness reports for a range of clients around the UK.

We use chartered lift consultants to write our expert witness reports to ensure our reports remain accurate and a thorough report is conducted.  

MAND Pls provide expert witness reports for organisations around the UK who require an expert lift report to service their needs.

Lift Expert Witness Report

We provide professional expert witness reports, produced by our most experienced chartered lift consultants

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hand, injury, skin abrasion

Injury Claim

An expert witness report may be required as part of an injury claim associated with the use of lifting machinery carrying persons.
woman, women, office

Professional Opinion

Our expert witness report provides a professional opinion by someone who's considered expert in the field.
architecture, building, law

Expert Witness

Our expert witness reports can be used in a court of law to argue a case, this depends on the reports conclusions.
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