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Mand Pls provide professional lift design services in the UK, if you require our lift design services contact us today for a lift consultation.

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About our lift design services

MAND provide professional lift design services in the UK for commercial and domestic purposes, we design lifts that are aesthetically pleasing and fit for purpose. Our lift designs comply with LOLER.

The lift design is one of the most important aspects of your lift installation as it can determine the time it takes you to install your lift and the costs involved, having a well constructed, professional lift design can save you time and money on your project. 

A smooth lift installation starts with a clear lift design, use a lift consultancy you can trust for all your lift design requirements.

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Lift Design UK

MAND Pls provide professional lift design services for commercial and domestic purposes for clients around the UK, our lift design services cover a variety of sectors such as healthcare, transportation and housing.

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How to start your lift design project

You can start your lift Design project with MAND today.

Visit our contact page to give us your lift design requirements, try to provide as much detail as possible regarding the intended lift project.


Call us if you have an urgent lift design requirement or would like to speak to one of our lift consultants regarding your requirements in more depth.

We’ll process your lift design request and allocated the appropriate lift consultant to contact you with further details on how to proceed with your lift design project.

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Lift Consultant

We provide expert lift consultants to oversee our lift design services to ensure a professional service is always provided and the clients requirements are met.
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Lift Installation

A cost effective, clear lift design that complies with safety regulations is important for an efficient lift installation process. Understand how our lift design services can save you time and money during your lift installation.

Project Management

We provide lift design and lift project management, having MAND create a professional lift design for your project will help during the lift installation and provide a smoother management process.
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Tell us your lift design requirements today.