Lift Maintenance Audit

MAND Pls provide lift maintenance audits for clients around the UK, lift maintenance audits are required to comply with LOLER regulations and contractual agreements set out in the installation of the lift.

Understand how our lift maintenance audits work

About Lift Maintenance Audits

We provide lift maintenance audits for commercial and domestic lift requirements to ensure that contract compliance is upheld and LOLER safety standards are being kept, it’s important to have regular scheduled lift maintenance audits to determine the users of the lift are safe.

Lift maintenance audits are a statutory requirement when operating lift machinery carrying people in a domestic or commercial building. Learn more about how lift maintenance audits help improve the safety of lift users and ensure your lift complies with standard lift safety regulations such as LOLER. 

If you require a lift maintenance audit for your lift simply contact us today We’ll ensure a dedicated lift consultant responds to you so we can better understand your requirements and service your lift maintenance audit request in a professional manner.

How to ask for a lift maintenance audit

Learn how your organisation can benefit from using our lift maintenance audit service requirements.

Visit our contact page to give us your lift maintenance audit requirements, try to provide as much detail as possible regarding the intended maintenance audit.


Call us if you have an urgent lift maintenance requirement or would like to speak to one of our lift consultants regarding your requirements in more depth.

We’ll process your lift maintenance request and allocated the appropriate lift consultant to contact you with further details on how to proceed with your lift design project.

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LOLER Compliance

Our lift maintenance audits ensure your lifts are compliant with LOLER and UK lift safety guidelines.
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Lift maintenance

Our lift maintenance audit is a part of the lift maintenance required to operate lifts safely.
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Contract Compliance

Our lift maintenance audit services ensure you're complying with the lift maintenance regulations outlines in your contract when you had your lift installed.
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Tell us about your lift maintenance audit requirements on our contact page and we'll have a lift consultant contact you to discuss your requirements in more depth.