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Learn more about our LOLER inspections to ensure UK lift safety compliance in accordance with UK safety guidelines on lift operations. (LOLER)

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About our LOLER inspections

Our LOLER inspections ensure lift safety contract compliance and that the risk of any injury to lift users is minimized whilst your lift is operational. Failure to comply with these guidelines can result in prosecution.  

The purpose of lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations is to ensure lift operations are safe for users and that the lifting equipment is functioning in a safe manner. We’ll identity any unsafe lift damage or equipment that needs replacing, this will form part of our LOLER inspection report that will be given to you once we’ve concluded our report.

Any important areas of our report will be highlighted to you so it’s clear what requires attention, their will be a financial commitment attached to replacing any worn or damaged lift machinery that requires replacement.

LOLER inspections background

LOLER is supported by the ACOP (Approved of Precise) which was formulated in accordance with section 16 of the health and safety at Work Act. (HSW)

Uk lift safety guidelines recommend that all UK lifting equipment carrying persons comply with LOLER to maintain a high level of safety when lifting equipment is operational.

It’s important organisations who use lifting equipment understand the safety requirements needed to maintain lifts and that this can come at a substantial cost depending on the size and amount of lifts you have in your portfolio. 

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LOLER Compliance

We provide LOLER inspections to ensure businesses comply with UK safety guidelines when operating domestic or commercial lifts.
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Lift user Safety

We ensure lift user safety when providing LOLER inspections to ensure lifting machinery is being operated in a safe way in line with LOLER.
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Contract Compliance

Our LOLER inspections may be requested as part of a wider commitment outlines in the clients contract in which they have agreed to regular LOLER inspections as a part of the lift maintenance scheme.
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